List of products by brand Newlite

Led Newlite Cluster

Cluster luminaires are light units with smd led light source. Aluminum structure with 2 rotary switches to connect the flowering or growth channels independently or simultaneously.

Their application is laboratory crops or surface...

Newlite HPS 600W (Veg & Bloom)

HPS 600W High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Perfect for any ballast, whether digital or electromagnetic, the Newlite sodium lamp is used for both growth and flowering, although it is in the development of flowering that you really get the best...

Newlite HSP 1000W Dobled Ended 2.0

-Ideal for plants with a very high light requirement
-The high levels of red and blue light guarantee efficient photosynthesis
-Many red light for more photosynthesis and good development of the plant
-Blue light for a...

Newlite LEC 630W DE 4200K (CMH)

Ceramic Metallic Halide (LEC) (CMH) lamp with Doubled Ended RX12 (DE) lamp holders 630W, for crops in professional greenhouses  superior to 1 hectare of complete spectrometry.

CMH lamps emit the most complete spectrum of...

Newlite Led Bar S1

Exceptional COB LED semiconductor luminaire with applications in vertical crops or propagation.

Length adapted to any crop tray, with exceptional efficiency in the vertical layer position.

Glass optic opening angle wider...

Newlite Pro AUVL HPS 600W E40 230V

High pressure sodium (HPS) mixed lamp. Excellent to complete cultivation in both domestic and professional installations. Manufactured in Germany by AUVL.

AUVL is one of the world leaders in lamps manufacturing.

Close to...

Xtrasun 600W NL Ballast

The Newlite class II ballast 600W. It is a basic element in lighting with High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps or Metal Hallide (MH). It is used as a component in lighting systems in greenhouses as well as small and medium-sized indoor growing...