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MyPot 2.5 Kit

Promotional kit for 4m2 that allows productions of 2.5gr / w and 625g / m2. Doubling the production obtained per watt.

Limited units / maximum 3 kits per customer.

Reflector Garden Highpro Pearl-Pro XL

PEARLPRO XL decreases the size of hotspots, and distributes light more homeogeneously. Thanks to its greater light distribution and intensity, the PEARLPRO XL has better coverage. Consequently, crop uniformity will be also higher, providing and...

Covercrop Light

Start with a quality substrate is essential, so we present our new substrate CoverCrop brand, with which to ensure the quality of our harvest, in addition to giving us the peace of mind that the land comes completely free of pathogens and...

Newlite Pro AUVL HPS 600W E40 230V

High pressure sodium (HPS) mixed lamp. Excellent to complete cultivation in both domestic and professional installations. Manufactured in Germany by AUVL.

AUVL is one of the world leaders in lamps manufacturing.

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Stainless steel tube of 150mm diameter with a ceramic plate which generates 3500mg / h indicated for an extraction of up to 3000m3 / h.
Stainless steel tube of 200mm diameter with two ceramic plates which generate 7000mg / h indicated...