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Newlite Led Bar S1

Exceptional COB LED semiconductor luminaire with applications in vertical crops or propagation.

Length adapted to any crop tray, with exceptional efficiency in the vertical layer position.

Glass optic opening angle wider...

Add-A-Lamp Lightrail

As part of your farming equipment, this is the easiest way to move a second or third interior garden light, all from your one light rail engine. Compatible with your existing light rail 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.20 system, the Add-A-Lamp Kit allows...

Azerwing reflector

The AZERWING reflector of Prima Klima presents some novelties and improvements with respect to the reflectors that until now have been commercialized.
AZERWING lamps can not only be adjusted in height, but also allow adjusting the...

Digital Pure Factory timer

You can program at intervals of 1 minute minimum and 1 week maximum. being able to make all the possible combinations between them.
It has an integrated circuit and a multifunction liquid crystal display. with which you can view up to 8...

Xtrasun 600W NL Ballast

The Newlite class II ballast 600W. It is a basic element in lighting with High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps or Metal Hallide (MH). It is used as a component in lighting systems in greenhouses as well as small and medium-sized indoor growing...