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MyPot 100L NutriTank

The NutriTank 100L is an accessory designed to increase the irrigation autonomy of the MyPot® automatic systems. It is a 100L flexible, resistant and durable tank. It is easily connected to the MyPot® Tank Module by attaching it to the level...

MyPot tutored kit

The Tutorado Kit consists of a set of tubes of different diameter to guide the plants during their growth. The planting modules include holes to install the tutors easily, in addition some tutors fit inside others to facilitate their...

Disposable White...

Overall with polypropylene hood. Disposable, breathable, front closure with zipper. It has an elastic on the cuffs, ankles and on the cap to adjust better. Protects from dust and dirt
Available colors: white.

Flexible Water Tank

Deposits made of non-toxic and 100% opaque plastic material, for greater light tightness.

They are served in a compact box that allows to send it or transport it comfortably to mount it in any place of the house or the garden.

Stihl SR atomizer

Convenient powerful atomizer and large deposit. Simple to use Easy start, fast and practically without jerks.
Multifunction handle
All the control elements that control the machine by hand. An easier and safer handling

MyPot Separator module

The separator module has several functions. In manual cultivations this module acts as a drainage tray and facilitates the collection of the irrigation surplus because it elevates the soil planting module. Excess irrigation can be easily...