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Active filters

Can Filter Original filter

Can Filter ORIGINAL, with granulated carbon, 3.5 cm carbon bed
Anti-odor Filter Can Filter. manufactured in metal. with interior wall filled with coal. Eliminates odors from the air that circulates through it. being totally clean.


Place the Cornwall Ozonizer, and you'll end up with the smell in any space you want. It has several programs so you can plug it in as long as you see it necessary to control the smell, being the maximum of time that you can program it for half...

Proactiv carbon filter

With the ProActive Odor Filter, you will keep your crop safer and safe from the suspicions of your neighbors. The Odor Filter improves the filtering efficiency thanks to the fact that it uses Coconut Active Carbon, which has a performance of...

Silenciador Srf Vents 125/900

The Vents SRF silencer is flexible and consists of an internal and external layer of spiral seam aluminum filled with a fireproof sound insulating material. The surface of the outer casing is perforated, carrying a protection to prevent fiber...

500gr C02 disposable pump

It is time for you to improve your indoor horticulture thanks to Co2Boost, a natural CO2 generator that provides the growing area with a continuous supply of CO2.
The direct result is an increase in the...

Can-Filter 38 Special shirt

With the Can-Lite shirt you can extend the life of your Can Filters carbon filter. You will manage to isolate it from the dust so that it will work correctly throughout its useful life, since dirt will accumulate in the shirt instead of the...

(50mg/H 1.000.000...

The air ozonizer is recommended to eliminate odors, the smell and smoke of tobacco, kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Ideal to keep spaces cool and avoid infections. Advantage:
It does not need recharges or batteries, just a plug.

Crown shaped sleeve

Cuff Metal crown, with which we can take a tube outlet as much as we want from any flat surface, such as a wall or a wooden box.
The Crown sleeves serve to secure the pipes of the ventilation ducts safely.