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EM-50 extractor fan

The fan housing and venturi are made of Munters Protect, corrosion resistant material
The central hub and the V-shaped pulley are made of cast aluminum, with reinforcing rods to extend the life of the equipment
Each motor is...

ED30HE extractor fan (adjustable)

The EDHE series belongs to the new generation of robust, reliable and energy-efficient extractors, suitable for a wide variety of applications whose aim is to create an optimal indoor climate. The EDHE series consists of a square housing and a...

Silenciador Srf Vents 125/900

The Vents SRF silencer is flexible and consists of an internal and external layer of spiral seam aluminum filled with a fireproof sound insulating material. The surface of the outer casing is perforated, carrying a protection to prevent fiber...

Max-Fan Pro EC Extractor

Max Fan Pro Series with EC technology is a turbine or mixed flow extractor with the highest aerodynamic efficiency and the best level of energy consumption due to the new EC motor technology, together with the 3D stator rotor system. The...

Max-Fan extractor (3 speeds)

Max Fan is a unique diagonal extractor, designed to be efficient, powerful and less noisy. The rotor-stator system makes Max Fan the most efficient extractor in the industry, taking into account both air performance and energy consumption. The...

Max-Fan Extractor

The Max-Fan is a diagonal extractor of great power and low sound level. The Etaline model works thanks to a rotor-stator system that makes it the most efficient on the market.

Can-Fan RK Extractor

Can Fan RK plastic tube, is a centrifugal extractor with the propeller facing backwards, with a very resistant plastic housing free of maintenance. The motor has a speed and can be controlled using electronic, voltage or frequency control.

Cornwall industrial ground fan

Floor fan, mounted on a chromed metal tube frame. The blades are mounted on the same motor shaft, thus forming a direct transmission of the movement and turn inside a metal shield that covers both sides of the fan.
It has three speeds of...

EDC18 recirculator fan

Large recirculating fan of great power and flow, indispensable for large growing rooms and professional greenhouses.
Recirculating fans are developed to separate stratified heat, moisture and stagnant air.
The exclusive design of...

40cm wall fan (45W)

Watts 45W
Diameter 40cm - 16 "
3 Speeds
Maximum height 130cm
Oscillation 70 - 85⁰
Consumption 220 - 50HZ, 40W
Base 52x52cm
Measures 43x43x13cm
Weight 3.5KG

Garden Highpro 15cm Clipfan 15W fan

This clip fan stands out for being very practical and effective, for its small size and low weight and its low power consumption of only 15 watts.

The clamp is made of rubber by the part that holds and exerts a great force, so...