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Agrobacteria Spider Plant

Spider Plant of Agrobacterias is a powerful acaricide concentrate based on organic acids, 100% organic and indicated to eliminate mite and red spider pests in marijuana crops, returning the vigor to the plants later. It is an aqueous...

Agrobacteria Total Explosion 60ml

Powerful ecological cleaner against the action of insect pests. It is an adjuvant that increases the permeability of chitin and the waxy cuticle of insects, enhances the penetration of broths through its exoskeleton and dissolves its molasses....

Prot-Eco Piretrin Plus 60ml

Bio Piretrin Plus is a non-systemic shock insecticide that acts by ingestion and contact.
Use only in the presence of plague.

Composition: Composition 6.6% Natural Pure Pyrethrum Extract
Dosage: Apply in normal spray....

Prot-Eco Alliumprot 100ml


It has an action form defined by five effects:

Insect and pet repellent. (Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds,.)

Pheromone masking (confusion).

Anti-food effect.

Effect on the nervous...

Trabe Diatical (150G - 1Kg)

The Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral of vegetable origin, which is formed by the accumulation of algae on the seabed. The difference with respect to other silicon minerals is their biogenic origin.
Due to its different forms, together...

Pure Factory Sulfur Burner

The sulfur burner is responsible for transforming solid sulfur into gaseous which is a potent fungicide with acaricidal and insecticidal properties. It is ideal as a preventive system for pests and fungi

Trabe ProNeem (Flour) 450gr

Efficacy against AGES: Aphids, Whitefly, Mites, Nematodes, Liriomyza, Pillbugs, Noctuids, Ceratitis capitata (fruit fly), Doriferous potato, Psylla sp, Orthoptera, Hilotome of the Rose, etc.

Prot-Eco Bio-Neem

Bio-Neem acts against different families of harmful insects and mites, whether larvae

or adults, such as Whitefly, Trip, Aphid, Mites, Caterpillar larvae, ...

It is a biological product, biodegradable and zero waste. It does...

Prot-Eco Esencialprot (30ml - 100ml)

ESENCIALPROT is a natural product derived from citrus essential oils and other plant extracts. It acts as a coadjuvant in the treatments, significantly increasing the contact between the pest, the plant and the penetration of the...

Prot-Eco Citroprot

CITROPROT is an extract of citrus seeds that acts as a natural fortifier, whose components act to strengthen the plant and induce it to a high self-regenerative power due to the high antioxidant power of its components, just as plants secrete...

Agrobeta O2 Plus

AGROBETA O2 PLUS BLUE is an effective product in water disinfection and dripper cleaning. Within its spectrum of action we can mention the control of pathogens such as: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, molds and biofilms among others....

SBM Fungicide - 20g Teldor orchard

Fungicide in dispersible granules of the chemical family of hydroxyanilides with penetrating action for the control of botrytis in horticultural, vine and ornamental plants. Its specificity in the mode of action makes its application necessary...

Trabe Ekisan Cola de Caballo

Ekisan is a product of vegetable origin, contains a variety of bioactive nutrients formed by amino acids of plant origin

Ekisan provides natural nutrients in a way that promotes the balanced development of plants making them more...