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Digital Pure Factory timer

You can program at intervals of 1 minute minimum and 1 week maximum. being able to make all the possible combinations between them.
It has an integrated circuit and a multifunction liquid crystal display. with which you can view up to 8...

Tempo box timer

It is designed to support the load of 4/6/8/12 accessories of 600W. or 6/8/10/16 of 400W. It incorporates an auxiliary heating plug in the upper part, this is activated when the rest of the sockets are off, which allows to maintain, by means of...

Tempo Box 1M Timer

TBOX 1M, electric programmer that allows you to turn on or turn off any electrical device at the desired time.
Very easy to program.
Technical data:
Current required: 230 V / 50 Hz
Maximum power: 3,500w.

Temporizador Tempo Box

The Tbox are timer boxes to connect several lamps to the same timer and all lighting equipment turn on and off at the same time, avoiding problems that a timer stays on and plants do not do the hours of darkness well causing problems about...