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Secret Icer

The most famous bags for extraction on the market, Secret Icer bags for the extraction of hashish in the best quality water, available in 2, 3, and 5 bags.

Bubbleator B-Quick

Bublinator B-Quick Pollinator is a useful and novel instrument that allows the extraction of hashish in cold through a clean, fast and simple method. The resin collection is maximized, without loss of material, and the final result is a pure...

Thermometer sucker

Thermometer for aquarium, with suction cup. Very used to control the correct temperature of the tank of nutrients, the temperature of the cutting greenhouses or like a thermometer very basic a cupboard.

Measuring range: 0ºC up to...

Ice Pure Factory Extraction Kit

The Icer Pure Factory extraction kit is composed of:

- Icer Pure Factory washer 20 liters
- Pure Factory pyramid bag 220 microns
- Pure Factory extraction bag set (220, 70 and 38 microns)
- Digital thermometer...


Pollen Maker is a dry resin extractor.

Polen Maker is a methacrylate bottle with an internal sieve of 140μm. It is very easy to use: Introduce the buds and remnants of the plant crumbled into the Pollen Maker. It is left in the...

Pollinator P-500 resin extractor

This is the original dry resin extraction machine, invented in 1992 and launched on the market in 1994. This model is suitable for working up to 500 grams of dried plants at one time. Equipped with a drum with 150 MC mesh.

Pollinator P-3000 resin extractor

Pollinator P3000 is a great system of extraction of mechanical resin that incorporates an electric motor of low consumption and a drum with a capacity for about 3 kilos of dry plant material, be it buds or remains of the harvest.


Secret Shaker Secret Smoke

Extract the pollen from the remains of the crop by agitation and sieving. Vegetable material should be put in the freezer at least 1/2 hour before to better separate the trichomes from the flowers.

Secret Box 100 microns replacement mesh

The Spare Mesh 100 microns of Secret Smoke is a mesh especially indicated for the box of extraction of mechanical resin Secret Box, a system in dry and with which achieves without effort a hashish of first. The Secret Box includes a drum with a...

500ml Dexso Gas

The DEXSO 500 ml gas is specifically designed to work with DEXSO extractors E.O.E. (Standard and Professional). With a 99.99% purity, the dimethyl ether that composes it guarantees the best extractions of the market.

400ml Colibri Gas

Gas Hummingbird to make extractions of your marijuana using butane gas. When we do BHO we need a gas that is free of impurities and the Gas Colibri will leave us the least possible waste. New container of 400ml.

BHO Roller Extractor

The Roller Extractor for BHO (Butan Honey Oil) is a tube for the extraction of resin, a method currently used with which you get a highly concentrated resin of marijuana, for this we will use a gas free of impurities which we will introduce by...

Honey Bee oil extractor

Marijuana oil extractor Honey Bee brand is made of plastic that does not react with butane, and composed of the body, with a top-loading cigarette lighter valve, and a screw cap with holes in the other extreme.
Its use is simple. You...

Heating plate (26x20x8.5cm)

Laboratory Warming Plate so you can make your BHO purges without having to do a water bath. One step forward in your BHO extractions.
Now you can leave your extraction on the Laboratory Warming Plate all night, without fear of getting...

Vacuum pressure hose 1/4 - 1.5m

Rothenberguer pressure hose. It is used to connect the Kartell brand deicers to the vacuum pump. Teflon gasket extends its life up to 10 times longer than neoprene. Working pressure up to 59.98 bar (870 psi). The hose is supplied in three...

Methacrylate desiccant

The desiccators are composed of two main parts (body and bell) and a gasket that ensures a hermetic seal. This gasket allows to obtain the vacuum in the interior using an air suction pump.

This operation is called purging, and it is...

9CFM (255L/min) Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump for BHO is a fundamental tool for the purging of BHO oils. will be connected to the desiccator to completely clean the oils of the remaining particles of butane and thus get the absolutely pure caeite for our lungs.