Advanced Hydroponics Of Holland Natural Power Excellarator (250ml a 1L)

Advanced Hydroponics Of Holland Natural Power Excellarator (250ml - 5L)


Veg / Bloom Excellarator by Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is a 100% natural additive that stimulates and potentiates the flowering of marijuana plants, improving the performance in crops on land, coconut or hydroponics.


Growth / Bloom Excellarator is a potent 100% natural bloom stimulator for marijuana plants grown in any medium that provides a concentrated blend of macronutrients and trace elements that force plants to develop more flower buds while strengthening their system immune in such a vital stage.
Along with Final Solution, Enzymes + and Root Stimulator, valid for any culture medium be it earth, coconut or hydroponic, being highly recommended its use with the Dutch Formula and with which you will get marijuana plants with a strong immune system from the roots to the leaves, a rapid growth of the radicular mass.


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