Annabis Balcann Ointment with oak bark

Annabis Balcann Ointment with oak bark


This repair hemp-based ointment is indicated for the relief of the symptoms of rough and dry skin, with symptoms such as itching or stinging and a tendency to crack. Its concentrated ointment texture is very effective for application on elbows and knees, toes, heels and nails, since in addition to treating extreme dryness, elasticizes the skin and softens the calluses, creating a layer of protection against external aggressions.

Its formula contains contains more than 11 active ingredients, such as:
Oil and extract
of hemp seed
Oak Bark Extract
Cedar oil from the Himalayas
Olive oil
Myrtle Extract

Recommendation for use: Apply several times in the desired area according to your needs giving a light massage on clean skin and letting it act

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