Atami High Porosity Cocos 50L


Substrate which offers the advantages of cultivating in high quality Atami coconut, which has been matured, washed, amortigued and adecuately fertilized with the additional aireation benefits of perlite.

Air disponibility is vital for the development of the roots of your cultive. The roots need to breathe, since an aired substrate results in the production of more radicular hairs. The oxygen is neccesary to convert the sugars into energy. Using said energy, the roots can expand and suministrate actively more nutrients to the rest of the plant.

This is why a highly aireated substrate is neccesary. Any aired substrate assures an adecuate draining and a continuous air suministration.

This is why Atami has launched HIGH POROSITY COCOS, a substrate which offers the advantages of growing with the high quality Atami coconut, which has been matured, washed, amortigued and adecuately fertilized, with the additional aireation benefits of perlite. Please, take a greater risk to adapt to the greater draining capacity of HIGH POROSITY COCOS.


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