Newlite CMH 315W Digital Ballast

Newlite LEC 315W Digital Ballast (CMH)


The ballast for LEC of 315W digital, is used as a component in lighting systems where the lamp and the reflector are installed separately.

It is used with LEC Ceramic Metallic Halogenide lamps in greenhouses and small and medium sized indoor growing areas.

Ballast output connector C13, to connect with a standard C14 cable to a reflector.

Protection against lamp worn by use, short circuit, open circuit (lamp not installed), failure to start (lamp in poor condition) and thermal protection.

Allows 10 meters of distance between the equipment and the lamp, with the appropriate wiring.



Newlite Balastro CMH 315 W

Newlite Balastro CMH 315 W_en

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