Balastro Ignator 600W Abierto

Ignator 600W Open Ballast


The 600W Ignator ballast is a basic element in lighting with HPS High Pressure Sodium or HM Metal Halide lamps. It is used as a component in lighting systems in greenhouses and small and medium sized indoor growing areas where the lamp and reflector are installed separately.


1. - Check that the equipment and the lamp are of the same power.
2. - It must be installed in a dry place.
3. - Do not cover with any thermal insulation (plastic, cardboard...) the equipment must be ventilated.
4. - The ballast generates heat, should not be touched until a few minutes after disconnection.
5. - Wait 15 minutes before restarting the equipment so as not to damage the lamp. As in all equipment in this category, it is necessary to install a timer so that in the event of a power failure, the equipment has a delay in starting.
6. - It is essential to connect the earth wiring to the electrical socket and to the chassis or plate of the reflector, as well as to make sure that the electrical installation has an adequate earth measurement to the regulations, otherwise the faults will not be covered by the guarantee.
7. - This equipment is for professional use and must be installed by qualified personnel taking into account the necessary precautions in its installation.


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