Bio Tabs Silicium Flash

Bio Tabs Silicium Flash


Biotabs's Silicium Flash is an organic fertilizer, composed of fast absorbing silicon. Silicium Flash is rich in nutrients and trace elements, containing calcium and magnesium. One of the biggest benefits of Silicium Flash in the crop is the obtaining of healthier plants, which take better advantage of the resources we provide (nutrients), resulting in a more vigorous growth, and a more explosive and large flowering. The use of BioTabs Silicium Flash allows the grower to replace the use of Orgatrex (liquid) with a powdered product (soluble in water).


Silicium Flash is an organic fertilizer formulated specifically for fast growing plants.

As it is a 100% certified organic product, Silicium Flash Biotabs can be used in combination with the Biotabs range of nutrients and stimulants, obtaining even more surprising results.

The formula of SIlicium Flash contains a high dose of silicon of fast absorption, which allows the plant to assimilate it quickly, contributing this and other essential elements for its development, resulting in healthier, larger and more productive plants. Silicium Flash can also be used to correct deficiencies thanks to its rapid absorption.

The composition of Silicium Flash is used immediately by the plants, resulting in healthier and dark green plants from the first moment. At the same time part of its components are slow release, which helps to nourish plants in the short and medium term, gradually over the next two months.

Another advantage of Silicium Flash is that it can replace the liquid nutrients, in growth and in flowering, and must be supplied only once. It also increases the resistance of plants to heat waves, drought, pests and pathogens, in addition to increasing the absorption of nutrients.

Silicium Flash can be used to combat deficiencies, opening a small hole near the trunk and scattering a small amount of Silicium Flash in the hole and covering it with dirt. In this case, a Bactrex solution must be used for irrigation.

Features Silicium Flash Biotabs
Type: Fertilizer in powder.

Use: Pair mix in soil or coconut fiber.
NPK composition: 4-3-3. Contains Calcium, Magnesium, insect excrement, chitin, trace elements and silicon.
Dosage: Mix 50g of SiliciumFlash with 10 liters of soil (250g per 50L of substrate)

Dosing Silicium Flash according to size of the flowerpot:
5L pot: 25g.
10L pot: 50g.
15L pot: 75g.
20L pot: 100g
25L pot: 125g.
50L pot: 250g.


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