Bio Tabs Guerrilla Box

Bio Tabs Guerrilla Box


With this guerrilla kit you will get the maximum performance in your plants in an organic way.

GuerrillaTabs and Guerrilla Juice in a single box.

Slow-release organic fertilizer tablets, plus juice combination of beneficial bacteria for the soil.
Ideal for guerrilla farming.
Enough for 5 large plants
Less work, better performance. Let nature do the work for you.
The Guerrila Box will get the most out of your plants, organically, of course.

It can be used for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

GuerrillaTabs (20 tablets)

GuerrillaTabs are slow-release tablets of organic fertilizers. GuerrillaTabs condition the soil through microbiological activity, while fertilizing the plant.

Organic slow release tablets of fertilizers 10 grams.

NPK: 10-8-8

Use 4 tokens per 10-liter container.

On earth: plants use 4 chips per plant.

Push the eyelashes to 5 cm deep below ground level.

Guerrilla Juice (500 ml) is a liquid organic accelerator that stimulates the soil and provides optimum growth conditions.

The Guerrilla Juice is indicated to accelerate growth and flowering.

NPK: 3-2-6.

Dilute 3 ml of Guerrilla Juice in 1 liter of water.
Water the plants with this solution for the last 4 weeks once a week


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