Ercal 3000/Tarjeta Eretmocerus Eremicus (White fly)


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Eretmocerus Eremicus is a parasitic hymenoptera of the white fly of the tobacco and the fly of the greenhouses.
This little exotic wasp. native to the desert of California and Arizona. it is located in the Mediterranean countries.
This insect is more resistant than Encarsia formosa to the phytosanitary products most used in greenhouse crops.

The adult is only 1 mm in length and his head. The thorax and abdomen are yellow (males are darker than females).
Its life cycle from egg to adult can last 17-18 days at approximately 23 ºC. dependent on the temperature and the larval stage in which it parasitizes the whitefly.

In protected culture conditions. It needs a minimum temperature of 20ºC. staying active at elevated temperatures.

Application mode
Open the container carefully inside the greenhouse.
Make the loose in boxes on the crop. distributing it homogeneously throughout the plantation. early in the morning or at sunset. or concentrate it in the areas with the highest incidence of the pest. Before opening the boat. place it horizontally and rotate so that the content is homogeneous.

The request for biological control will be sent from the manufacturer, directly to the store or final customer, without the need to do so from your supplier in order to expedite the shipment and avoid reducing the initial properties.
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If the manufacturer had availability of stock at the time of placing the order in any of the delegations of Spain, the transit time will be reduced between three and four days.
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