Ercal 3000/Bote Eretmocerus Eremicus (White fly)


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Eretmocerus eremicus (parasitic wasp)
Presentation: 10 cardboard strips, each with 5 cards in a box
Content: parasitized white fly pupae from which 3000 parasitic wasps emerge

Whitefly of greenhouses (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) and tobacco (Bemisia tabaci) in the second and third larval stages.




interval (days)









Low healing




min. 3x

Until get control

High healing




min. 3x

Until get control

Carefully open the container inside the greenhouse
Fold the strips and start. Start cutting on the opposite side of the hanging hole
Hang the cards on the plants, and if possible, approximately 75 cm below the apex of the plant, do not expose directly to the sun
Do not touch the pupae
Environmental conditions
The average daily temperature in the greenhouse should be at least 20 ° C. At higher temperatures (above 30 ° C) Eretmocerus eremicus remains active.

Storage and packaging
Because biological control products have a (very) short life cycle, they should be introduced into the crop as soon as possible after reception. Storage may affect the quality and should only take place under the conditions indicated below. Koppert B.V. is not responsible for the loss of quality resulting from longer storage of the product and / or under inadequate conditions.

Storage after reception: 1-2 days
Storage temperature: 8-10 ° C
In the dark
Eretmocerus eremicus is less sensitive to pesticides than Encarsia formosa.
An intensive breakdown (in tomato) hinders the growth of the parasite population of the whitefly.


Adult females: lemon-yellow
Adult males: brownish-yellow, thick antennas
Other stages: they develop inside the host
Action mode
The adult wasp (female) parasitizes the larva of the white fly. It also feeds on the host.

Visual effect
The first parasitized pupae can be seen in the crop after about 2 weeks. The parasitized pupa of the white fly turns yellow, regardless of the species. The adult wasp emerges from the pupa through a round hole.


The request for biological control will be sent from the manufacturer, directly to the store or final customer, without the need to do so from your supplier in order to expedite the shipment and avoid reducing the initial properties.
The manufacturer will proceed to send the orders on Monday and Thursday of each week.
The store or final customer will receive the goods within a maximum period of seven days, that is, on Tuesday and Friday of each week.
If the day of the manufacturer's shipment coincides with a local or national holiday, it will be made the next business day.
If the manufacturer had availability of stock at the time of placing the order in any of the delegations of Spain, the transit time will be reduced between three and four days.
With regard to orders that are made during the morning and / or afternoon to the manufacturer when he has stock in any of its delegations, proceed to make his departure the next day, provided it is skillful.


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