Bio Nova Autoflowering-Supermix (250ml - 1L)

Bio Nova Autoflowering-Supermix (250ml - 5L)


The name says it all: this is a one-component Supermix, specially formulated for autoflowering plants, with no specific need for shorter daylight periods longer or in order to start its flowering cycle


Autoflower-Supermix works in the same way as the existing Bio Nova SuperMixes and can only be placed in our existing schedules. From the third week, when flowering begins, as PK 13-14 Superbloomer should be combined with Autoflowering-Supermix throughout the flowering period.

This fertilizer consists of:

     Macro elements such as NO 3, NH 4, NH 2, SO 4, P, K, Ca
     Mg and Si.
     chelated micro elements, such as Fe, Mn, Zn, B.
     Cu and Mo.
     Vitalizing organic extracts from seaweed and herbs.




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