Can Filter Original plastic filter

Can Filter Original plastic filter


They are highly effective. eliminating 99.5% of the odors, its useful life is 24 months.

Filter size


CAN Filters has created a new line of cheaper anti-odor filters. for growers with tighter budgets.

They are filters that are made of plastic and their load of activated carbon is lower than traditional CAN filters.

The prefilter is also of high quality and prevents micropores from getting stuck in case of dusty environments.

The anti-odor filter is placed at the beginning of the extraction route (inside the crop) so that the air leaves the circuit without any smell.

The activated carbon used in the manufacture of CAN Filters results in a pelletized product with thousands of mesopores and micropores through which the extracted air passes.

This carbon called CKV-4 is the best natural material for odor control.


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