Canna 1L Ph+ Pro 20%

Canna 1L Ph+ Pro 20%


To increase the PH of the nutritive solutions.

To buy a 1L box add 4 units.

To raise the PH, it does not matter in which phase the plant is at that moment.
Canna has 2 versions, one of 5% for small corrections and 20% for large corrections.

Instructions for use
Add to each 100 liters of nutrient solution 5 ml of PH + PLUS.
Stir well and measure the pH.
If necessary, repeat the above until reaching the desired degree of acidity
Recommended PH value: 5.2 - 6.4

It causes serious burns. Keep under cer-red and out of reach of children
In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with water and seek professional medical advice.
Wear appropriate protective clothing and a protection for the eyes / face
Immediately change contaminated clothing
In case of an accident or if one is not well, immediately consult a doctor (if it is possible to show this label)

It contains
Potassium carbonate, 12% caustic potash (KOH).

28.2% potassium oxide (K2O).


Data sheet

PH regulator
Application Use
PH regulator

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