Canna 25L Terra Seed Mix

Canna 25L Terra Seed Mix


Canna Terra Seed Mix is also especially suitable for use when the cuttings take root.


It has a homogeneous and stable structure that guarantees a greater water retention, with which the seeds are more likely to germinate correctly.

Canna Terra Seed Mix is ​​also especially suitable for use when the cuttings take root.

Mode of use:


Plant the seeds to a depth of approximately 2-3 mm. (max 5 mm.) in Terra Seed Mix in a bucket with a maximum diameter of 5 cm. Spray the growth medium regularly with water, avoiding puddling. A germinal plant first uses the reserve food left in the seed.

Keep the seeds in a warm place (20-25 ° C) and moist, for example in a nursery. Remove the top of the seedbed as soon as the plants have sprouted and come out of the middle.


The young plants are very delicate. For this reason they should not be exposed to direct sunlight or placed under a powerful cultivation lamp. This could cause burns. Water the young plants with nutritious water with a low EC (1,2) and add Rhizotonic to strengthen the root system. Seedlings are ready to be transplanted when they have developed two to three leaves.


Although it is possible to germinate the seeds directly on the ground in the open air, the percentage of germination achieved is much higher if it is done inside. The temperature of the earth outside does not provide the ideal circumstances for germination of the seeds. Put the seedlings regularly in a place where they can get used to external circumstances, for example on the balcony.

First let germinate inside. Put the seedlings that have sprouted in a place where they can get used to external circumstances.


Once the plants have been well rooted in the Terra Seed Mix, they can be transplanted to the definitive growth medium such as Terra Professional, Terra Professional Plus, Canna Coco, hydro-culture grains or mineral wool. For all these means, Canna has the best specially adapted fertilizers that guarantee an optimal harvest.

The plastic packaging material is 100% recyclable. Store in a cool place at a temperature above 4ºC (40º F). Content 25L.


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