Canna Terra Professional

Canna Terra Professional


CANNA Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich substrate for growing plants. Your plants grow better on a nitrogen-rich substrate, not like anything you'll find in a nursery, as it contains a mixture of enhanced black peat, granulated peat moss and perlite. If you are going to cultivate on land, either indoors or outdoors, this is the substrate you need.


Advantages of CANNA Terra Professional
Exclusive organic ingredients with added value such as aerated peat dust, free of diseases.
These ingredients also favor an excellent root development and the formation of more robust stems.
Higher performance The combination of a faster metabolism with a low rate of diseases ensures and increases production.
These and other characteristics make CANNA Terra Professional a very appropriate product for the cultivation of plants.

CANNA Terra Professional is an extraordinary plant medium that offers many advantages, both to the grower and his plants. CANNA Terra Professional consists of several types of selected peat and earth of high quality. In addition, pearlite has been added to improve the balance of air humidity. The production process is carried out under an extremely rigid quality control, so that we can guarantee the quality of this product.

CANNA Terra Professional is a nutrient-rich medium that meets strict RHP standards! It is distinguished from other substrates of earth by its raw material of first quality, the fineness of its structure and its purity. Use CANNA Terra Professional with fertilizers specially designed for it, such as CANNA Terra Vega and CANNA Terra Flores, thus investing in quality and safety!

Water supply
Adapt the water supply of the plant according to the size of the pot, the circumstances of growth and the development phase of the plant. Under normal circumstances, developed plants that grow rapidly evaporate 4-6 liters of moisture per day per m2.

Use for larger plants at least 5 liter pots, the larger the pots are, the more constant the root environment will be. Make sure there is enough drainage. Place, if necessary, a layer of hydro-culture grains at the bottom of the pot so that there is sufficient air and drainage.

CANNA Terra Professional is an organic product with a homogeneous structure, 100% natural and free of harmful viruses or soil diseases. CANNA Terra Professional has a complex water / air system that provides the ideal circumstances for practically every form of cultivation. CANNA Terra Professional can be reused superbly as a soil improvement.

The plastic packaging material is 100% recyclable.
Store in a cool, dark place.
It must not be exposed to temperatures below 40o F (4o C)
Content 25 L. and 50L.


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