Cannabiogen Delta Nine (150ml a 5L)

Cannabiogen Delta Nine (150ml a 5L)


DELTA NINE is a revolutionary product composed of three substances that naturally occur in living organisms. from the pharmaceutical industry and lacking in phytotoxicity. The synergy of DELTA NINE acts as a biostimulant of the natural processes of cannabis metabolism. WITHOUT ALTERING IT. increasing enzymatic and protein activity very specific and determinant for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids. especially from THC.

To buy a 150ml box add 26 units.
To buy a 500ml box add 8 units.
To buy a 5L box add 4 units.


Naturally contains more than 60 macro and micronutrients. carbohydrates. amino acids and growth promoters that increase performance. the flowering quality and vigor in cannabis.

The influence on cannabis is remarkable. causing a higher production of resins loaded with cannabinoids.

Definitely. with DELTA NINE the greatest specific synergy is achieved for the professional cultivation of cannabis. with immediate visible results that provide an increase of 25% in THCA levels and 30% in the exclusive performance of flowering. in FOUR PHASES: (consult Cannabiogen web, Delta Nine).


Three or four applications: two in foliar spray and two in the substrate (including hydroponics).


Two applications the first of 4-6 milliliters per liter of non-calcareous water in the prefloral stage (one week before induction of flowering). The second 10 days after the flowering was induced at the same dose (10-15 days difference between each application).


It will be applied at the beginning of flowering and in the peak floral stage (thirty days after having started flowering approximately). at a dose of 4-6 milliliters per liter of non-calcareous water in both cases. and a third of 6-8 milliliters / liter at 15 days of the previous one (45 days of beginning flowering).

EC. at 25 ° C of 1240 mcS / cm at the dose of 5 ml / l.


With all kinds of products that maintain a pH between 5 and 8.


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