Cannabios Gel Y Champu 2en1 250ml

Cannabios 250ml 2 in 1 gel & Shampoo


Perfect ally for the shower Cannabios Gel & Bath Shampoo is formulated with different essential oils and plant extracts, including olive oil, hemp seeds, rosemary, and lavender, all combined with extracts of honeysuckle and the powerful extract of hemp, which provide a wide range of properties, antiseptic, soothing, and regenerative, among others.


Its use is recommended for the daily care of the skin and hair in the shower. Ideal for cleaning and moisturizing all parts of the body, including hair and scalp, noticing the results from the first day. The skin leaves it clean, soft and smooth at the same time, also favoring its care and protection. The hair, clean and loose, at the same time that nourishes, cares and protects the scalp.

In its formulation, only ingredients derived from plant extracts have been used. Cannabios cosmetics, have been developed and formulated on the basis of a wide knowledge in the effects and functioning of natural substances in the body. Cannabios Gel & Bath Shampoo 2 in 1, is indicated for external use.

Way of use: Generally, the first washing does not produce much foam, since it mostly dissolves dirt and grease where it contacts, and it is in the second soapy where the foam, already acts more at a regenerating and protective level of the skin and hair.


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