Covercrop Light

Covercrop Light


Start with a quality substrate is essential, so we present our new substrate CoverCrop brand, with which to ensure the quality of our harvest, in addition to giving us the peace of mind that the land comes completely free of pathogens and diseases, thanks to the different families of trichodermas and mycorrhizas that are present in this substrate.

To buy a pallet add 40 units.


Achieve impressive growth and flowering thanks to the humid, fulvic acids and root stimulator of the CoverCrop substrate, this together with the other components present in the substrate, guarantee the best conditions in the roots for a successful ground culture.

CoverCrop substrate mix:
Esphagnum peat 75%
Coconut fiber 10%
Perlite 10%
Humus of Worm 5%
Fulvic and humidic acids
Trichoderma Harzianum
Root Stimulator
N.P.K .: 12/14/18
Grain: Fine (0/5)
Organic materials: 5%
Electroconductivity: 1.1μS / cm
Relative Humidity: 60%
PH 5.5 - 6.5

Thanks to his low E.C. You can control all the fertilizers that you add to your plant from the beginning (it is recommended to add fertilizers from the second week, or otherwise, add very very low doses to get used to the plants to the desired parameters of fertilizer).



FT Covercrop Professional Terra

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