Enough Green 1L (Bioestimulante)

Enough Green 1L (Biostimulant)


Enough Green is 100% fulvic acid of vegetable origin and is obtained by means of a specialized process that makes it unique in the world of humic substances. It has a very good chelating effect and causes a great physiological and biological activity in the plants, stimulating the growth of them and improving the appearance of the products.


Enough Green is a fertilizer based on organic matter, rich in fulvic acids, which stimulates the growth of plants increasing their vigor, stimulating the absorption and promoting the penetration and active transport of nutrients at the fundamental membrane level in foliar and root cells . In addition, it acts as a promoter of plant growth and chelating agent.
In plants, the fulvic acid contained in Enough Green stimulates protein metabolism and the activity of multiple enzymes, thus benefiting crops.
The base of the product are fulvic acids, which is the most active part of the humus because they are soluble in all pH media, guaranteeing an amazing effectiveness. Fulvic acids are chemically constituted by polysaccharides, phenolic compounds and amino acids.
Effective in all types of plantations: Fruit trees and citrus fruits, horticultural, cereals, tropical, oleaginous and ornamental.
For olive and fruit crops it will be treated with 60 liters / ha in two applications.
For horticulturals, up to 120 liters / ha in three batches will be treated. A first of 60 liters for rooting and two subsequent ones of 30 liters, one of them previous to the flowering and another one previous to the maturation.
The method to be used will be drip.