EDC18 recirculator fan

EDC18 recirculator fan


Large recirculating fan of great power and flow, indispensable for large growing rooms and professional greenhouses.
Recirculating fans are developed to separate stratified heat, moisture and stagnant air.
The exclusive design of the propeller is self-cleaning and, together with the air flow rectifiers, allows to achieve the highest efficiency.
The round housing and the air flow rectifiers are made of galvanized steel plate pre-lacquered very resistant. The 6-blade propeller is statically and dynamically balanced to produce low noise and vibration levels.

To improve the aerodynamic efficiency, the fan has been developed in the R & D laboratories. The test chamber has been built
according to specifications. The details of the structure and sealing have been verified by the laboratory personnel in the engineering department.

Each motor is checked individually according to a 100% quality control.

The special hooks on the housing allow the fan to be hung easily.

The gentle recirculation of the air obtained with the recirculating fans helps to avoid condensation.

The recirculation of the air contributes to avoid the diseases of the crops and improves the transpiration of the same ones.

The quality of each fan is checked individually.

Engine specifications:
- Nominal Power: 110 W / 0.15 HP
- Type of Phases: 3
- Speed: one
- Frequency: 50 Hz
- Voltage: 230/400 V
- Current: 0.86 / 0.5 A
- rpm: 900
- Paddles: 6

Technical specifications:
- Weight of the fully equipped air recirculator: 15 kg
- Nominal speed of the propeller 50 Hz: 900 rpm
- Air flow at 0 Pa: 2600 m3 / h
- Specific yield at 0 Pa: 16.1 m3 / Wh
- Diameter of the propeller: 450 mm
- No. of blades: 6
- IEC protection class of the electric motor: IP55
- Degree of insulation of the electric motor winding: B


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