Ventilador Clipfan Garden Highpro 15cm 15W

Garden Highpro 15cm Clipfan 15W fan


This clip fan stands out for being very practical and effective, for its small size and low weight and its low power consumption of only 15 watts.

The clamp is made of rubber by the part that holds and exerts a great force, so together with its low weight, it makes the clamping very stable and safe.

The electric motor and brushless, ensures an extended life.
It has a roulette with three positions: two different speeds and the stop option.
The head has a palometa that allows to rotate the cabezal in angle upwards and downwards.
Ideal for incorporating it in small crops or cabinets, in its ventilation system, or to complement and help the ventilation system in medium crops.
- Electric motor, brushless


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