General Hydroponic Floraduo Grow Agua Dura (1L)

General Hydroponic Floraduo Grow hard water (1L - 5L)


FloraDuo Grow promotes growth and structural development. obtaining strong roots and also preparing for an intense flowering.

To buy a 1L box add 12 units.


FloraDuo. BLOOM

Full. concentrated and profitable:

this is FloraDuo. a new formula derived from the latest scientific advances.

FloraDuo is a mineral nutrient composed of two parts. FloraDuo Grow and FloraDuo Bloom. inspired by the latest advances in plant nutrition.

FloraDuo gets the elements available. anytime. in a state in which plants can absorb them. It contains bioactivators that improve the health of the plant. its ability to absorb food and its resistance to attacks by insects and pathogens.

FloraDuo is a complete nutrient. so you will not need more supplements to improve the diet of the plants.

It is designed especially for fast growing plants. whose needs change significantly in the growth and flowering phases.

FloraDuo is a vegetable food in two parts (FloraDuo Grow and FloraDuo Bloom) that are used together but in different proportions and concentrations. depending on the life cycle of your plants.

FloraDuo Bloom provides everything you need for abundant flowering and fruiting and helps you get the most out of the genetic potential of your plants.

FloraDuo will bring you advantages as a replacement for One Part. in crops both on soil and hydroponics.

Given its concentration and price. FloraDuo is economical and profitable. guarantees a perfect balance between growth and flowering. obtaining abundant and healthy crops.


Application. according to GHE tables:

Earth. Growth: 2.5ml / 10L of water during the first three weeks.

Earth. Flowering: 5ml / 10L of water the first two weeks. 15ml / 10L the next two and 20ml / 10L the last two weeks.

Hydro Aero and Coco. Growth: 5ml / 10L of water for the first three weeks.

Hydro Aero and Coco. Flowering: 10ml / 10L of water the first two weeks. 30ml / 10L the next two and 40ml / 10L the last three weeks.

For more information. consult tables on the GHE website.



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