General Hydroponic Diamond Nectar (500ml - 1L)

General Hydroponic Diamond Nectar (500ml - 60L)


A natural organic biostimulator.

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Diamond Nectar

For all cultivation systems: aero-hydroponics, hydroponics or soil.

A natural organic biostimulator.

The humic and fulvic acids distribute the fertilizer by the nearby vegetation and facilitate the absorption of the nutritive elements in the roots.

Diamond Nectar is a mixture of these acids that favors the content in fulvic acids, but also contains many humic acids, so its color is slightly dark.

The Leonardita contains natural organic elements composted from millions of years and easily available.

The soluble humus (group of fulvic and humic acids) contains components that enrich the nutritive solution as well as several growth-promoting elements.

Due to a regulating and chelating action, as well as its great capacity of ionic changes:

- It improves the capacity of the nutritious elements for the plant, converting them into particles of easy assimilation.

- It brings these elements in all parts of the plant: roots, trunks, leaves, flowers and fruits.

- Offers growers the benefits of a natural organic element, in liquid form.

- In hydroponics and in crops without substrate in general, it contributes to create an environment more similar to the earth.



Diamond Nectar is an additive that is used in combination with complete fertilizers.

Combined with conventional nutritious programs it will produce vigorous plants, harder and more abundant harvests and intensifies the quality of flavor and essences.

Apply Diamond Nectar to all plants.

It is used in hydroponics and on land, in the nutrient solution or in foliar application.

Add 2 - 3 ml / L to the nutrient solution during all stages of growth.



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