General Hydroponic Calcium Magnesium Suplement

General Hydroponic Calcium Magnesium Suplement


The correct availability of calcium and magnesium is vital when optimizing the nutrition of fast-growing plants. It helps prevent deficiencies of secondary nutrients, reinforces growth and fructification, prevents apical rot of fruits and burns at the tip of the leaves in many especially intensive crops such as tomato or lettuce.

The GHE Calcium and Magnesium Supplement provides concentrated calcium and magnesium in a highly bioavailable, clean and soluble form, thus preventing the formation of blockages. It is compatible with most nutrient regimes.


The GHE Calcium and Magnesium Supplement is also useful in counteracting the calcium retention that occurs in coconut fiber crops with organic nutrients or by expanding the cubes of compressed coconut fiber.

Warning: Do not use it with GHE FloraCoco or FloraNova formulas for soft water, as they already contain enough calcium even for reverse osmosis water systems.

In addition, all GHE coconut fiber products are previously cleaned and stabilized; You can start cultivating by removing them directly from the bag, without carrying out any treatment.

For the rest of situations:

Use 1.5 ml / L in most applications, including organic crops and high demand.

If working with reverse osmosis, add 2ml / L before adding the nutrient solution.

If you grow in coconut fiber, using mixtures prepared for hydroponics or for crops in soil, or expanding compressed coconut fiber, use 1 to 1.5 ml / L to soak the medium; then, add it in the same proportion to the nutrient solution during the first two weeks. Continued use may be useful for fast-growing annuals.


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