Garden Highpro Probox tent

  • Strong and resistant Nylon 600D fabric.
  • jumbosided windows for an easy access.
  • patented, resistant and stable structure.
  • Mylar's reflection superior to 97%.
  • resistant and soundproof zips.
  • strong double extraction sockets.
  • Air entrance windows.

Garden Highpro

The best quality/price tent in the market at the moment.

The Probox tent have 5 pairs of holes (double sockets), 2 of them in each side and 1 in the upper part. specially designed for the entry and exit of the intraction and extraction tubes.


The socks come prepared with laces and fasteners at their ends, to be well adjusted to the different diameters of the tubes, so that there is no gap where the air can escape from the interior and thus prevent undesirable leaks.

They support tubes perfectly, thanks to the high quality of the materials they are made of, their stitching and the incredible finish.

They also have a comfortable upper structure and very resistant, to hang from it all the necessary accessories for cultivation, making the most of space and facilitating its disposal, so that everything is perfect, in place and to your liking.

Also in the back has 3 mini socks to facilitate the passage of electrical cables.

The large central door, its "Jumbo" side doors, one on each side, have been designed and made so that the user has optimal and comfortable access to the interior of the wardrobe. The reinforced zippers are very resistant and of high quality, prepared especially for a long duration.

  • Characteristics:
  • -3 exits for extraction, 2 for intraction and 3 for cables.
  • -Reflective Mylar fabric inside.
  • - Robust structure.
  • -Reinforced zips.
  • -Ventilation grilles on the 3 sides, with open and closed option.
  • -Raincoat.
  • -Faster and simple assembly.
  • -Light and compact materials.





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