MyPot 2.5 Kit

MyPot 2.5 Kit


Promotional kit for 4m2 that allows productions of 2.5gr / w and 625g / m2. Doubling the production obtained per watt.

Limited units / maximum 3 kits per customer.

This promotion with which you can build a solution for 4m2, contains:

LUMI0017 - HPS NewLite Luminaire Ajust 1000W DE with EXT
BOMB0077 - AUVL HPS 1000W 400V FROM NH G2 2020umol
MYPO0009 - 16 units MyPot Plantation Module D
MYPO0022 - 2 units MyPot Universal Fertilizer A 10L
MYPO0023 - 2 units MyPot Universal Fertilizer B 10L

This kit Mypot 2.5 is accompanied by a Luminaire Newlite Adjust 1000w and a Bulb AUVL 1000w HPS AUVL (Made in Germany) for 4 square meters.

Thanks to the performance of Mypot, the cultivation time is reduced up to three weeks since there is no growth phase, and it advances the flowering until 10 days before. In addition, the quality of the fruit is greater, presenting higher resin yield.

Important discounts are included in the luminaire and the MyPot modules.
In addition the universal fertilizer Mypot A and B as a gift. You only have to add the finishing fertilizer you want.

The use of Mypot technology allows a crop, of maximum productivity, with the lowest energy cost. It is also clean, discreet, safe and very easy to maintain.

LUMI0017 - HPS NewLite Luminaire Ajust 1000W DE with EXT:

The 1000W HPS Adjust luminaire is used for double-ended high pressure sodium lamps in technical crops, growing rooms and professional greenhouses. With EXT connector to connect it to an external controller (sold separately) from which you can regulate the ignition and intensity of the lamp. Includes RJ11 wiring.

Double Ended luminaires have a lower thermal index and higher PAR performance than the E40. Its reflector is adjustable in 3 positions to cover different growing situations. The aluminum is of high quality and high coefficient of light reflection. Silver 9. Manufacturer Alanod. Adjustable in power 600W 660W 1000W and Super Lumen.

BOMB0077 - AUVL HPS 1000W 400V FROM NH G2 2020umol:

HPS Double Ended (DE), High Pressure Sodium lamp, optimal for crops in professional greenhouses. Designed for installations at a height of 3.5 meters of indoor crops and greenhouses. Optimized spectrum, specifically designed for greater efficiency in photosynthesis. Red and Blue balanced ratio for a more robust propagation and root index in the plant. Performance PAR (2020umol / s at 1000W) or (2150umol / s at 1150W). Longevity 10,000 hours.

MYPO0009 - 16 units MyPot Plantation Module D:

The MyPot® planting module is a patented engineering work with the most advanced cultivation technology. It is the main piece of MyPot® systems and combines hydroponics or bioponics with aeroponics and floating roots. Combine it with other modules and pieces of MyPot® to create the culture kit that best suits your needs:

MYPO0022 - 2 units MyPot Universal Fertilizer A 5L:

Universal A is a necessary fertilizer for the growth phase due to its higher nitrogen and calcium content. It must be used together with Universal B and the chromatic pH stabilizer, following the recommended fertilization tables, to ensure that the plant is perfectly nourished.

Its formula has been developed by experts in plant nutrition, and the fertilization doses have been adjusted to the MyPot® culture system so that no fertilizer is wasted and the necessary root washes are minimized (with osmotized water it may not be necessary to perform root washes throughout the crop cycle).

Due to its balanced formulation it is highly recommended to fertilize crops that grow on land, coconut or any hydroponic.

MYPO0023 - 2 units MyPot Universal Fertilizer B 5L

Universal B is a fertilizer that is very rich in minerals and micronutrients, indispensable for all its phases of cultivation (growth, flowering and fructification). Universal B in addition to Phosphorus and Potassium, contains in a very balanced way all the micronutrients that the plants will need throughout each of their phases and avoid any type of lack.

If you want your plants to grow healthy, without any deficiency, you must not fail to provide Universal B in any of its phases. Use it in hydroponics, soil or any culture technique you practice and guarantee the best possible balance.



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Manual Kit MyPot 2.5-En_en

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