Guanokalong Guano de Murciélago en Polvo (500Gr - 1Kg)
  • Guanokalong Guano de Murciélago en Polvo (500Gr - 1Kg)

Guanokalong guano of bat dust (500Gr - 5Kg)


GUANOKALONG POWDER is a 100% natural fertilizer.

Bat guano is totally organic.
Recommended for interior and exterior.

To buy a box of 500g add 30 units.
To buy a box of 1Kg add 18 units.


Guanokalong contains a rich and unique combination of macro. micro-elements and enzymes.
Guanokalong has a controlled release of minerals and nutrients. in this way the roots do not burn.
It contains unique enzymes and a rich presence of calcium / magnesium that stimulates micro-life in the soil.
Perfectly improves the soil and is produced with the help of natural resources.

- Revitalize the earth.
- Accelerates root growth.
- Exuberant flowering period.
- Increase the resistance of the plant to bacteria.
- Indoor and outdoor use. It improves the flavor. the quality and the harvest.

How to use:
Guanokalong mixes with the earth before placing the new plants.
If the plants are already placed on the ground. Spread the fertilizer on the ground and gently remove it superficially.

To get started. mix 50 grams of Guanokalong per 7 liters of substrate in indoor plants or 100-250 grams per plant outdoors.
You can also take 1 kg of Guanokalong powder and mix in 100 liters (strong) or 250 liters (medium) of potting soil.

Guanokalong can be mixed with new or used land.
The soil can be improved with Guanokalong powder.
Always mix and moisten the soil at least a week before planting.
If your plants are already on the ground, sprinkle 2 tablespoons of Guanokalong near the stem of each plant and. then. water for the guano to penetrate the earth.


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