Hy-Pro Hydro A+B (5L a 20L)

Hy-Pro Hydro A+B (500ml - 20L)


Hy-Pro "Hydro A & B" is a nutrition of two components which can be used both in indoor and outdoor crops, during the growth and flowering phases. It provides all the essential elements as well as the necessary trace elements, resulting in an exuberant growth and bloom.
The nutrients used by Hy-Pro, have been composed in such a way that all decorative plants react optimally, in all types of circumstances.
It can be used in Hydroponic crops, coconut, mapito, rock wool and earth

Available upon request.


How to use:
-Mix 5ml of Hydro A in one liter of water
-Mix 5ml of Hydro B and mix again.
-Use always A & B in combination and in the same quantities!
-Add Hy-Pro A & B to each watering.

-Check the EC (for hydroponic cultivation it is in a range between 1.4 and 2.2) Add water if the EC is very high.
-Check the pH of the solution (for hydroponic culture it is in a range between 5.5 or 6) If the pH is very high you can decrease it to the desired level by adding Hy-Pro "pH-"
- Always follow the instructions on the label


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