Kit de Extraccion Icer Pure Factory

Ice Pure Factory Extraction Kit


The Icer Pure Factory extraction kit is composed of:

- Icer Pure Factory washer 20 liters
- Pure Factory pyramid bag 220 microns
- Pure Factory extraction bag set (220, 70 and 38 microns)
- Digital thermometer with probe

The Icer Pure Factory washer is the new model of washing machine for cold extraction designed by The Pure Factory. With a capacity of 20 liters, and a smooth movement, extractions of high quality of use are obtained.

For its use you only have to add ice, cold water and vegetable matter to achieve a quality extraction in a matter of minutes. It has a timer (15 minutes) and water supply and drainage pipes.

Take advantage of the resin stuck to the small leaves that we discard in the manicure process. It is also possible to use buds, which logically will make you obtain a higher quality extraction.


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