Ventilador Extractor ED30HE (Regulable)

ED30HE extractor fan (adjustable)


The EDHE series belongs to the new generation of robust, reliable and energy-efficient extractors, suitable for a wide variety of applications whose aim is to create an optimal indoor climate. The EDHE series consists of a square housing and a direct drive system, with the 3-blade propeller balanced, statically and dynamically, and fixed on the axis of the electric motors, in this case the motors are adjustable, in order to control the flow of air. The slats of the shutter are installed on the exit side and the entire system of the shutter is controlled by a patented opening device activated by the rotation of the propeller.


-The housing of the fan and venturi are made of Munters Protect, corrosion resistant material
-Each engine is checked individually, as a guarantee of quality
-It forms part of the line of Euroemme® fans of great efficiency
-Great air flow capacity with excellent energy efficiency
-Lower energy consumption (EDHE series)
-Direct drive system (EDHE fans)

Technical specifications:

Helix diameter 770 mm
Motor 0.5 hp
Air flow at 0 Pa 14,000 m3/h
Air flow at 12 Pa 13,700 m3/h
Air flow at 25 Pa 12,900 m3/h
Específic performance at 0 Pa 22.1 m3/h /W

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