Adaptador/Casquillo E40-PGZ18

Adapter/Cap E40-PGZ18


Adapter to transform your conventional universal E40 thread reflector into a reflector for LEC bulbs with PGZ18 thread. Now you can mount your LEC lighting kit with any reflector on the market.

Adapter E40 to PGz18 that allows us to convert the E40 universal bushing into a PGz18 bushing, which is the one used by the new LEC bulbs with CMH technology (ceramic metal halides.)

The new reflectors for LEC bulbs no longer have the E40 universal cap, which has always carried the reflectors used in indoor cannabis cultivation. With the appearance of the LEC technology this system has changed and now they have a PGZ18 screw cap that is like that of halogen bulbs for domestic use.

At the beginning of the appearance of the LEC technology the first equipment that was sold had closed reflectors with specific connection and these reflectors were also recommended. Over time, all types of reflectors have started to be used and this is the reason for the appearance of this Adapter E40 to PGz18 that allows us to use any reflector that we have with CMH lamps in a very simple way.

This adapter sleeve has been manufactured in high strength ceramic so that it can withstand high temperatures without suffering any damage and thus prolong the life of the LEC bulbs.


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