Kit 600W Pearl-Pro XL + Newlite Pro AUVL + Newlite Plug&Play

Kit 600W Pearl-Pro XL + Newlite Pro AUVL + Newlite Plug&Play


Lighting kit composed of:

-Reflector Garden Highpro Pearl-Pro XL
-Newlite Pro AUVL
- Newlite Plug & Play ballast
The ballast does not include cable ref: CABL004.

Pearlpro XL:

PEARLPRO XL decreases the size of active zones and distributes light more homely. Thanks to its greater distribution and intensity of light, the PEARLPRO XL has a better coverage. Consequently, the uniformity of the crop will also be greater, providing and increasing the expected yield.

PEARLPRO XL is provided with 3 different sizes of separating bars that allow to maximize the distribution of light depending on the size of the growing areas.

Newlite Pro AUVL:

HPS high pressure sodium mixed lamp. Excellent for complete cultivation in both domestic and professional installations. Manufactured in Germany by AUVL.

AUVL is one of the world leaders in lamps.

At 780nm, excellent data for flowering, thus demonstrating a complete spectrometry in the range of Single Ended E40 lamps.

High quality lamp with patented arc tube to offer greater photosynthetic efficiency.

Performance maintained during the useful life of the lamp due to its structure and gas density.

NewLite Plug & Play:

The electromagnetic ballast of 600W Newlite is a basic element in the illumination with HPS lamps of High Pressure of Sodium or HM Halogenuro Metalic (No CMH)
It is used as a component in lighting systems in greenhouses and small and medium-sized indoor growing areas where the lamp and the reflector are installed separately.

Electronic start.
With EU connection wiring
Protection fuse.
Ballast output connector C13, to connect with a standard C14 cable to a reflector.
Allows wall installation.


Data sheet

Pearl Pro XL
Newlite Plug&Play

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