Luminaria Sunburst 315W  3100K

Sunburst 315W LEC Luminaire 3100K


The SunBurst LEC 315W lighting system consists of the SunBurst reflector, the LEC 315W bulb and the ballast required to light the bulb, all in the same equipment already assembled and ready for use at the best possible price.

The Sunburst LEC 315W luminaire contains metal halide and mercury achieving the highest PPF index on the market (1.95 PPPF per second). You can choose two different color temperatures, 3100K (mixed lamp) and 4200K (lamp growth).

These bulbs achieve a performance of 105 lumens per watt, being one of the most powerful luminaires on the market. In addition, they emit radiation from the infrared to the ultraviolet, making it look much more like the light of your interior to that emitted by the sun. Ultraviolet light makes your plants generate a much greater amount of resin in addition to increasing the taste and smell of your flowers and the amount of terpenes present in your plants.

The SunBurst LEC incorporates a special 315W digital ballast for the lighting of the LEC lamps, this system works with the bulb in a vertical position and the interior of the SunBurst reflector is manufactured with a 95% aluminum alloy manufactured in Europe that achieves a better Reflection allowing the light to spread more evenly without generating heat points that can burn your plants.


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