Newlite HPS Luminaire Adjust 1000W DE (without EXT lamp)

Newlite HPS Luminaire Adjust 1000W DE With EXT (without lamp)

  • The 1000W HPS Adjust luminaire is used for double-ended high pressure sodium lamps in technical crops, growing rooms and professional greenhouses.
    With EXT connector to connect it to an external controller (sold separately) from which you can regulate the ignition and intensity of the lamp. Includes RJ11 wiring.
    Double Ended luminaires have a lower thermal index and higher PAR performance than the E40.
    Its reflector is adjustable in 3 positions to cover different growing situations. The aluminum is of high quality and high coefficient of light reflection. Silver 9. Manufacturer Alanod.
    Adjustable in power 600W 660W 1000W and Super Lumen.

The luminaire ADJUST 3 adjustment angles in light output is supplied with an input cable of 230 V and 16 AWG. When using a microprocessor, the ballast has a soft start technology that is designed to increase the performance in micromoles,, prolong the useful life of the lamp and allow to light multiple ballasts at the same time by stabilizing in lower sequences in 5 minutes. The microprocessor precisely stabilizes the input power and allows adjustments in the output power (light regulator) with ramp-type regulation technology to increase the lamp's useful life. In SDT, the power regulation from 600W to 1150W (approximately 115% of the maximum rated power) will show a gradual change over a period of two minutes instead of a sudden change in the lumens. This patented feature is different from the conventional digital ballast, which has a unique power regulation method that dramatically shortens the life of the lamp.


Overvoltage, power failure and overload can detriment performance or damage the lamp. As a safety feature, this soft start technology also reduces the ballast damage caused by a failure of the bulb. In the event of an unexpected shutdown, disconnect the power supply, remove the defective lamp, check for wiring problems and then plug in the ballast power cord.

-The working voltage should not be less than 200 V.

-The ambient temperature must be less than 40ºC.

-When the input voltage is lower than required, the output power will be automatically reduced to protect the ballast. When the input voltage is set to 230V, the power of the ballast will return to normal automatically.

-When the ballast overheats, the output power will be automatically reduced to protect the ballast.

When the ambient temperature falls below 40 ° C, the power of the ballast will return to normal automatically.



-Finish lamp life (EOL) Short circuit protection


-Protection of open circuit

-Protection thermal against misfire Thermal protection

- Soft start technology (SST)

-Technology of soft attenuation (SDT)



-Maximum permissible temperature of the box: 75ºC / 167ºF

-Atmospheric temperature: -20ºC .... + 40ºC / -4ºF ..... + 104ºF

-High humidity: 95%

-The ignition voltage is 5kV max.

-Maximum lamp shade: 15 m / 50 feet

-Range voltage 240V (+/- 10%): 216-264V



Some 240V outlets and control boxes may contain a fourth, neutral cable, which will cause the electronic ballasts to malfunction.

The correct input should be 2 regulated thermal CABLES and 1 GROUND CABLE.

If you have an existing 230 volt circuit that contains a neutral wire, you must completely disconnect the neutral wire from the circuit.


The electronic ballast is ready and ready for flipboard: up to 4 minutes delay when switching from one lamp to the next. The ballast must be off before the light comes on. Soft dimming technology (SDT) gradually changes the light output of the lamp for a period of up to two minutes. This may seem as if the attenuator is defective; It is strongly recommended to use a photometer to confirm the output.


Before use, please remove the protective plastic film located in the reflector


Reflective VEGA aluminum 95%

Adjustable 3-angle reflector

Vs lampholders

Insert the ends of the lamp into the lamp holder VS (A)

Make sure it is properly secured in place by sliding the lamp holder VS into the center of the accessory (B)

This prevents the lamp from falling.

NOTE: These lamps have a quartz sleeve. Fingerprints and oils must be erased before the operation.



Before installing the lamp, make sure that both conductors are well structured, without bending or separating separately.



Any of the following circumstances will not be our guarantee:

1. Install the product without following the wiring diagram in this manual and causing damage to the product.

2. Damaged by human reason (as a product soaked in water) or caused by not following the instructions in the manual.

3. Install or use the product without following local laws and regulations.

4. Cover the warranty logo personally, or the customer / third party attempts to maintain, repair, change the product and cause damage.

5. The irresponsible use of this product with respect to the environment or does not comply with the provisions of this manual.

6. Damaged by force majeure, such as abnormal voltage, earthquake, flood, fire, thunder, transport accidents, etc.

7. Damage caused by man during transport.

8. Damaged by unstable compatibility with other company products (not re-launching) poor design or defective products. (like the luminaire)

9.Use the wrong input voltage, not 240V.

10. Beyond the warranty period



The digital lighting controller REZ-01 allows to control 80 luminaires per channel, that is, 160 luminaires in total for the two channels.
It has two sensors to control the temperature of the two zones
It regulates the intensity of the illumination of each zone in case of high temperatures and even extinguishes it completely in case of extreme temperatures



Newlite DE Adjust 1000 W

Newlite DE Adjust 1000 W_en

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