Fixture Ignator Monsterlight HPS 1000W DE

Fixture Ignator Monsterlight HPS 1000W DE


The Ignator Monsterlight 1000W is a powerful, high-efficiency lighting fixture, on a par with the best professional systems for technical and indoor cultivation, but at a much more affordable price.

Especially suitable for double ended lamps, HPS and HM, with variable power and selectable by means of 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W and 1200W (superlumen) power regulator. Optimised for lighting crop areas between 1.6 m2 and 2.4 m2.

The Ignator Monsterlight is a compact, lightweight luminaire made up of a digital, high-frequency dimmable ballast, together with a reflector optimised for concentrating light, with 95% ammonium for maximum reflection. 
The Ignator Monsterlight is capable of working without losses over a wide voltage range, so it can work reliably in all types of installations, even in poor installations with constant voltage drops. 

The ballast is designed for soft start and does not require initial power build-up to power the lamp. This increases the life of the lamp and allows the grower to start multiple ballasts at the same time without triggering the safety switches. The ballast has protection system for high humidity environments IP64, also other systems that protect their equipment and people in abnormal situations, such as: Exhausted lamp (EOL) or not installed, short circuit, lamp failure and excess temperature in the ballast.

In addition, the Ignator Monsterlight incorporates a V-shaped hanger accessory that makes it much easier to level the luminaire when installed.

Summary of features and content:
Digital, adjustable, high-frequency electronic ballast.
High reflection reflector with 95% aluminium.
Sliding lamp holder.
Power selector: 600W 750W 825W 1000W 1200W.
IEC power connector.
IP64 protection
Maximum temperature/ humidity range 0ºC-40ªC/95% RH
V-shaped metal hanger
3 meter x 1.5 mm cable
Spanish and English instruction manual.

Packaging weight and dimensions
Length 670 mm
Width 340 mm
Height 170 mm
Weight 6.2 kg

Electrical specifications
Maximum power 1230W
Nominal voltage 220V - 240V AC
Nominal current 5.13A - 5.59A 
Maximum intensity 6.27A
Power factor >0.98     
Input frequency 50-60 Hz   
Harmonic distortion < 10%.
Output 250V 4.2A 110Khz
Ignition trigger 4-6 KV

Installation and use:
Follow the detailed instructions in the manual included in the box to avoid damage and accidents. This will help you get the most out of your lighting equipment.


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