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MyPot Plantation module


The MyPot® planting module is a patented engineering work with the most advanced cultivation technology. It is the main piece of MyPot® systems and combines hydroponics or bioponics with aeroponics and floating roots.

MyPot simplifies hydroponic cultivation in a very comfortable way.  It is the best choice for reliable and quality technical horticulture.  

How do I use MyPot, what does it include and what do I need?

This module can be grown directly with manual watering, by periodically watering from the top. However, it is advisable to automate watering by adding the necessary accessories.

You can use it on cultivation trays or on the MyPot tank module. In the case of using it on a tray you will need to add a tank to collect the water from the recirculation, this method is mainly designed for growing flowers. You can alternatively grow on the MyPot module, and you will create the kit designed for the cultivation of mother plants. In both cases, prepare the fertilizer according to the instructions of the online ferti-calculator

Download the illustrated growing guides in the attachments of this product.


1 MyPot planting module

The scientists at MyPot have developed a line of fertilizers that simplify the fertilization process as much as possible.

Fertilization is carried out using an online APP that indicates weekly the doses of fertilizer that the plants need depending on the quality of the water you have. Using it is very easy, you only need to enter the litres to be prepared, the initial EC of your water and the stage of the crop.

We recommend a maximum initial EC for irrigation water of 0.6, the ideal is 0.2-0.3. The EC indicates the amount of salt in the water, a high initial EC is harmful because it decreases the amount of fertilizer that can be added to the water.

When stabilizing the pH of the nutritive solution, use products based on phosphoric acid.    

We recommend disposing of the excess irrigation water in the tank weekly before preparing the new nutrient solution.

Tip for the first watering

Consider that in the first irrigation each planting module will store 6L of water, so it is 24L per square meter. It also considers that the plants in their initial phases will not consume large amounts of water, so it prepares about 40-50L of nutritive solution in the first irrigation, 24L for the modules and the rest to be recirculated. 



Fill the planting module with medium-grain perlite substrate (3-6). The only substrate recommended for use in MyPot is perlite. The use of other substrates may decrease the yield.

Once the module is full, hydrate the perlite and plant in its holes:

From cuttings: plant 8 plants per module.
From seed: plant up to 6 plants per module.
Plant as if it were in the ground, introduce the root as deep as possible and cover it gently with pearlite.


MyPot recommends using the best quality lighting possible for the best crop yield. MyPot is suitable for use with any existing HPS (600W or 1000W), LED, LEC or outdoor lighting technology.

In indoor cultivation it is recommended to line the walls of the room with suitable materials to increase the reflection index.


Generally speaking, plants grown in MyPot require less growth phase than those grown on land. The duration of the photoperiod will depend on several factors such as whether the plants are grown from seed or cuttings, the size at which they are transplanted or the lighting used.

SPLITS: it is advisable to always give them a few days of growth regardless of the lighting used.

SEEDS and 1000W HPS: the plants can be put directly to photoperiod of flowering

SEEDS and other lighting: give a maximum of 7-10 days of photoperiods of growth 

NOTE: There are products on the market to stop growth, in case it is necessary to consult the manufacturer.  


The aim of introducing a high density of plants is to harvest beautiful central flowers. It is recommended to prune the lower branches that will have low productivity in the pre-flowering stage.


MyPot is highly recommended for use in outdoor crops. The main recommendation is that if you want to do an early crop you should do it with automatic plants.

For regular plantings it is recommended to do your planting in the middle of the summer period to avoid overgrowth.




Guía autocultivo MyPot® 2020

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