Necen Hidro/Aire 1000 (1000mg/h)

Necen Hidro/Air 1000 (1000mg/h)


-Use it to disinfect 800 liters of water every hour.

-Also to disinfect rooms of up to 300 m2 in one hour.

-Genera 1000 mg. of ozone every hour.

-You will not have to add filters or other products.

These ozone generators are designed to disinfect and sterilize large amounts of water, whether it is a tank, cistern or well. The way to introduce ozone into the water is by means of compressed air, which provides a magnificent diffusion of ozone in the water to be treated.

They can also be used to disinfect the AIR, especially in cold rooms. The equipment must be installed outside the cold room and the ozone must be introduced through a pipe.

If you need large amounts of ozone, we can use a device prepared to connect to an external compressed air system, which will greatly increase the volume of ozone that is released outside.

We can adjust to any need, making a preliminary study by our technicians.

With our series of HIDRO-AIRE INDUSTRIAL ozone generators you will get all these benefits:

-Reduce iron levels drastically in the water.

-Get in an instant completely sterilized water, free of odors and bad taste.

-Killing bacteria and viruses.

-Reduced reduction of the COD.

-Dramatically increase the amount of oxygen in the water.

-Disinfect the environment, oxidizing organic matter, thus eliminating odors.

-Getting food to stand much longer in cold rooms


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