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Newlite HPS 600W 2.0 (Growth and Flowering)


Sold by Natural Systems Distribuciones.

The Newlite HPS 600W 2.0 High Pressure Sodium Grow & Flow Lamp takes advantage of gas discharge technology to produce light in the most efficient way; obtaining the highest lumens / watt ratio in the current market. For electronic or magnetic ballasts in indoor crops.

Newlite lamps offer you great performance so that you can be successful in your crops.

Optimal spectrum for photosynthesis.
Works with electromagnetic and digital ballasts.
Universal operating position.

Unlike filament lamps, which use electrical circulation through a solid, in the Newlite 2.0 lamp, the electrical current is discharged through a bulb containing sodium vapor. It is a bright yellow light, with a wide light spectrum, ideal for illuminating any phase of your indoor growing.

The Newlite HPS 600W 2.0 is compatible with any ballast, whether electronic or magnetic. Thanks to its fair combination between lumen intensity and color temperature, high peaks of blue are averaged, and some even more, of reds in its spectrum so that both growth and flowering are vigorous, but especially, Newlite 2.0, stands out in the final phase of cultivation, when it comes to fattening the flowers.

Thanks to the quality of their components and workmanship, Newlite lamps are highly valued by indoor growers for their durability and reliability. The Newlite 2.0 is specially designed to last.

Technical specifications:

Lamp holder E40
Lamp power 600W
Effectiveness 1.7 Ámol / j
Rated voltage 120V
Power factor 0.90
Current 5.7 A
Power supply (PS) 600W / 120V electronic / 100-150Khz
Ignition voltage 3.5Kv-5Kv
Color temperature 3068K
Lumens 91000
Volts 230
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) 2000║K
Chromatic coordinates x = 0.5282 y = 0.4264
Photon flux per PPF (100Hrs.) 1,080 Ámols / s
Luminous flux (100Hrs.) 91,500 lumens
Ignition position Any
Execution time 10 minutes
Reboot time 5 minutes
Up to 5% life and -90% photon flux 12,000 hours

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