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Milwaukee Case PH + EC (Portable Meters MW100-MW302 + Probes)


Sold by Natural Systems Distribuciones.

The PH Meter Case Mw100 + EC Meter MW302 - Milwaukee is a pack of two measuring instruments of professional range and high precision for measurements in indoor cultivation
With the Mw100 PH Meter Case + MW302 EC Meter - Milwaukee we will have more than enough covered our measurement needs in our indoor growing. An integral solution to control factors as important as Acidity or Alkalinity and electro conductivity.

If you want to be calm when making measurements and that your plants thrive optimally, this is one of the most suitable choices for this purpose. The Milwaukee briefcase consists of two measurement equipment, two electrodes, calibration envelopes and a heavy-duty case that protects all equipment

The MW100 Milwaukee portable PH Meter is a professional range but amateur price meter. It is very fast and accurate and allows us to take readings in a comfortable way directly in the nutrition tank of our crop. We can introduce the probe to measure the PH in real time as we incorporate acids and nutrients.

With the incorporation of a probe it is more difficult to damage the device due to water or humidity and the tasks are made easier.

The built-in probe has a one meter long cable so that we have enough space for maneuverability and its plug is of the BNC type. It has a measurement range between 0.0 and 14.0 with a precision of 0.1 pH.

Calibration is manual but very simple. It is done at two points, first with PH7.01 and then with PH 4.01. It is ergonomically designed to make it more comfortable and has a large LCD screen with a very good resolution. It is a very fast and accurate meter thanks to its advanced and modern electronics.

The probe incorporates an electrode for taking measurements that is filled with an electrolyte solution.
It is very suitable for use in indoor cultivation but has many more applications such as: aquariums, fish farming, education, laboratories, swimming pools, etc.

Instructions PH Meter MW100 Milwaukee
The first thing we have to do before using for the first time is to place the 9 volt battery included, taking care to respect the polarity.

Before starting to take readings, we must remove the protective cap from the electrode. If the last time we used it we had left it dry, we have to immerse it up to 2.5 cm in the washing liquid, also included for its reactivation.

We connect the probe to the meter
We make sure it's calibrated and if it hasn't been for a long time, we do it before we take readings. Now, we introduce the probe into the liquid to be measured, turn on the device and wait for the measurement to be stable. When we are done, we have to turn it off, add a few drops of the storage liquid to the electrode cap and cover it

MW100 PH Meter Calibration
First we calibrate with the pH7.01 envelope. We immerse the electrode in the liquid and wait for the reading to stabilize. With the black calibration button we must adjust it to pH7.0
Before calibrating to pH4.01 we must open the envelope and use a small amount to wash the electrode.

Then we put it in the envelope and wait for the reading to stabilize. Finally we adjust with the PH4 / PH10 button to PH4.0 and with this we have it calibrated.
It is advisable to calibrate it at least once a month or after a long time if use or when the electrode is changed.

Characteristics PH MW100
Range: 0.0 to 14.0
Resolution: 0.1 pH
Accuracy (at 25║C): +/- 0.2 pH

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