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Milwaukee Continuous Wall EC Meter (MC310)


Sold by Natural Systems Distribuciones.
The MC310 continuous EC meter is a continuous EC meter with a visual alarm device (Red Led) with a scale from 0.0 to 10.0 mS / cm
It is powered by a 12VDC adapter (included).
It comes with an EC probe (MA812D2), with a 2 meter cable;
It benefits from a visual alarm (red led);
2-point manual calibration; This PH meter can be hung on the wall with an adhesive velcro or with 2 screws. Its screen is wide and allows easy reading from a few meters away;

This continuous PH meter is ideal for aquariums, hydroponics, fish farming, agriculture.
It is recommended to chop the probe in a piece of cork or polyexpan and let it float in the tank (aquarium, fertilizer tank,.)
MC310 Continuous EC Meter Operation
Connect the 12VDC transformer to power.

Connect the electrode to the base of the meter
Immerse the EC electrode (4 cm) in the supplied liquid.
Turn on the meter by pressing the ON / OFF button
Choose the EC control mode (for EC> to set point: press "above" / For EC <to set point: press "below")
Allow the reading to stabilize and the meter will begin continuous monitoring.

A visual alarm indicates when the measurement exceeds the set point.
The set point can be selected by adjusting the center front knob to the desired value.
The selection scaling ranges from 0.0 to 10.0 mS / cm.
MC310 Continuous EC Meter Calibration
Clean the sensor with alcohol and let it dry

Open an envelope of EC 1413 calibration liquid and submerge the sensor (make sure that the 2 metal poles are submerged)
Wait a few seconds for the sensor to pick up the ambient temperature.
Adjust the SLOPE button with the provided screwdriver until the display indicates the data of the gauge envelope in mS / cm
The meter is calibrated and ready to measure.
It is advisable to calibrate the meter at least once a month, or after a long period of non-use or after changing the lance.

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