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Clone-ing Tray (Box 6Und)


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Plugins Pro are trays for the germination of seeds and cuttings that stand out for their great quality / price ratio. The developed formulation achieves, together with an exclusive binder, a spongy texture and healthier and stronger root growth.

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For seed germination, Plugins Pro trays have a set of cavities with a high moisture retention capacity (70% - 80%) that improves and facilitates the sprouting of the plant.

For cuttings, the excellent drainage helps prevent possible diseases and avoids overwatering, on the other hand, good aeration provides a greater strengthening of the root system.

The sum of the different compositions results in a compact, uniform and easy-to-hydrate plug that in turn ensures a minimum breakage of the roots in the transplant period, in addition, the effective formulation that it contains based on biological active substances and micronutrients As a result, they cause an improvement in the absorption of nutrients in addition to enhancing rooting.

The Plugins Pro trays exist in the formats of 104 and 150 cavities to satisfy the needs of each grower in addition to facilitating their use and control in the germination / growth phase, some of their main advantages are:

  • It allows to program the culture in a specific number of days / weeks
  • Reduces the time and work until the transplant is obtained, makes it possible to delay the moment of performing the same
  • Increased yield in relation to surfaces, higher productivity and speed enabling multiple production cycles
  • Reduction of losses in the roots when transplanting and subsequent loss of roots due to diseases
  • Each cavity allows to obtain a plant or seedling independently of the rest to avoid possible damage between roots
  • Quick obtaining of the product and uniformity once the transplant has been carried out

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