Bluelab PH soil Pen

Bluelab PH soil Pen


The Bluelab pH Pen soil provides a pH and a reading of the temperature of the soils and the media, so they know that the right nutrients will be made available to the plants.

In soils or growing substrates, pH strongly influences the availability of microorganisms to plants in the soil. Now you can closely monitor and adjust the pH levels from the palm of your hand for optimal plant health and performance. It will also measure solutions.

Measures pH values in soil substrates. The pH measurement provides the values of acidity and alkalinity in a culture medium, in order to optimize them and provide the plant with an adequate availability of nutrients for its correct absorption.

- Measure the pH and Temperature.

-Selection of measurement units in Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

-Modern LCD Display

-Proper pH calibration indicator

- 100% Water Resistant.

-Low battery indicators

- Auto-off function.

-Compensation automatic temperature.

-Light and portable.


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