Torus Hydro Regulador de PH Perfecto

Torus Hydro PerfectPH regulator (EN)


PerfectpH is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your hydroponic system, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal absorption of nutrients.

Using ionization technology, perfectpH removes the excess pH that inhibits the growth of plants and weakens the immune system of plants.


Eliminate chemical buffers, frequent changes in deposits, pests, contaminated water and nutrients, and dramatically increase yields with the same technology used by NASA. Simply place in your deposit and enjoy.

The maintenance of the PH is an essential factor in any hydroponic configuration. Without the plants taking root naturally in the soil, the excess of alkalinity accumulates in the system, creating a toxic environment for the plants. PerfectpH solves this by eliminating the positively charged ions that cause this buildup, creating the perfect pH environment for your plants.


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